Our History

Established in 1893 within Hamedan, Iran, the Rug Club proudly holds a storied legacy as a family-owned enterprise. Rooted in a fervor for the artistry of Persian rug craftsmanship, this tradition has seamlessly passed through generations. In 2016, Mehdi Rahimzadeh, the present owner and third-generation successor, propelled the business's reach by inaugurating a branch in Toronto.

Guiding the Rug Club since 1980, Mehdi Rahimzadeh has elevated its reputation globally, actively participating in numerous international auctions. His influence has positioned him as a trailblazer in the Persian rug export sector, facilitating the widespread dissemination of these exquisite pieces, particularly to destinations like the United States, Sweden, and Germany.

The Rug Club stands as a steadfast symbol of tradition, expertise, and an unwavering dedication to showcasing the allure of Persian rugs to a global audience. The carefully curated collection reflects 40 years of meticulous travel and sourcing throughout Iran, resulting in a distinctive array of rugs that encapsulate the country's diverse craftsmanship and rich artistic heritage.


As the latest addition to our business, The Rug Club Toronto has swiftly established collaborations with renowned designers and design firms across the city. Committed to bringing unparalleled uniqueness to Toronto, our collection of rugs aims to elevate the aesthetic of this beautiful city such as Studio Houman, Figure 3 and The Brand factory. Beyond offering distinctive rugs, we take pride in delivering top-tier rug cleaning and repair services, ensuring that every piece receives meticulous care and attention for a lasting, exquisite appeal.

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  • Persian rugs are renowned for their durability, being hand-knotted, ensuring a long-lasting and shed-free lifespan.
  • With inherent stain resistance, Persian rugs are effortlessly cleaned, maintaining their beauty for a lifetime.
  • Crafted from high-quality materials, these rugs thrive in high-traffic areas, retaining their original charm even after five decades.
  • A natural fiber composition makes Persian rugs not only environmentally friendly but also effective soundproofing elements in any space.
  • Each Persian rug is a masterpiece, intricately hand-knotted through a meticulous process, showcasing the artistry of hand weaving and knotting in every individual fiber.